Mediations:  $175 per hour per party, up to three parties.  Fees for larger number of parties quoted upon request.

Global or Apportioned Settlement Conferences: $350 per hour.

Arbitration:  Fees are often determined by the agreement to arbitrate. The default rate is $175 per hour per party.

Trial Resolution Judge:  $175 per hour per party.

Early Neutral Evaluations:  $175 per hour per party.

Mr. Fuller participates in several mediation and arbitration programs under the auspices of the judicial or executive branches of government and private dispute resolution programs and Fees are determined by the programs.

Minimum Fee:  2 hours

Cancellation Fee:  2 hours per party, unless notice of cancellation is given 72 hours in advance.

Travel Time:  No charge


Mediations and arbitrations, like most things in life, are more successful with adequate preparation. It is, however, recognized that sometimes economics and the amount in controversy may limit the feasibility of pre-mediation or pre-arbitration preparation desired. Mr. Fuller will prepare as directed by the parties, from no preparation to review of summaries, to review of court files, to review of extensive documents, depositions or other discovery. It’s the parties’ choice.

Mediations and arbitrations are normally scheduled in half-day or full day increments. Typically half-day sessions are 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Other times available upon request.

To schedule a mediation or arbitration, please call us at (727) 430-0203 or e-mail jrfuller@fulleradr.com